Application guidelines for the 16th annual Oita Asia Sculpture Exhibition

Fumio Asakura, a sculptor from Oita Prefecture, laid the foundation for modern Japanese sculpting and worked to nurture younger generations of artists at the Tokyo Fine Arts School and "Asakurajuku." We would like to celebrate his achievements, and we are holding a sculpture exhibition that will serve as a gateway to success for emerging Asian sculptors.
The exhibition is co-sponsored by Oita Prefecture, which promotes the region as a creative force through arts and culture, in partnership with Bungo-Ono City, which aims to build "a city that fosters rich minds and enthusiasm for learning. We hope to spread the region's culture with the nation and the world. We look forward to receiving many entries.

16th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition Application
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Holding outline

Organized by The Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition Committee,Oita Prefecture, Bungo-Ono City
Sponsored by Agency for Cultural Affairs
Co-sponsored by Saiki Printing Co. Ltd., Oita Bank Co. Ltd.
Cooperation by Total Art Museum (Korea), National Visual Art Gallery (Malaysia), Cultural Center of the Philippines, and China Artists’ Association
Exhibition period (TBC) October 15th (Sat) - November 27th (Sun), 2022
Work application period August 1st (Sun) - December 21st (Tue), 2021

Application outline

Entry rules (1) Eligibility
  Applicants (regardless of nationality) must be under the age of 50 as of April 1st 2021 and reside in either Japan or any other Asian country or region. Group entries are welcome.
  (2) Work submission

①Each applicant may submit only one original sculpture which has never been publicized. For group entries, only one sculpture per group is permitted.

②The completed work must be under 150cm in combined measurements (height, width, depth), including the stand. However, no single dimension may exceed 70cm. As a general rule, it shouldn't weigh more than 30kg.

③The piece may be made from any material but must be able to withstand transportation, exhibition, and must be free-standing.

  (3) How to apply
  Applications should be made online.

①Fill out the required information on the designated form on the sculpture exhibition website, then attach the photos, and submit.

②Attach JPEG data within the format of 640 x 480 pixels to the application form. The photographic data should be that of the finished work. The photos should be taken from three different angles (one of the front with a full view of the whole piece, and two photos from different angles of your choosing, for a total of 3 photos). Photos should not be taken with special lighting, special lenses, filters, etc.

To the application form
  (4) Application fee

*Applications via mail (Only accepted in circumstances where application via the internet is impossible).
Fill in the required information on the application form and mail the application form together with the image data outlined in ② copied to a CD-R (copied disc must be Windows compatible [ISO9660], Macintosh and Linux data not accepted) to the Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition Committee Office, with the postmark indicated on the envelope.

16th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition Application Here>>

The application ahead

Apply to: Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition Committee Office
Post code 879-6224,
Asakura Fumio Memorial Sculpture Museum
1587-11 Ikeda, Asaji-Machi, Bungo-Ono City, Oita, Japan
TEL +81-974-72-1300
FAX +81-974-72-1302

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Judging (1) First screening
  Approximately 60 works are selected through document screening using images.
Results: Results will be notified to all applicants and published on the website using the receipt number.
Announcement period: Scheduled for around February 2022
* We will not accept any telephone inquiries concerning the examination results.
  (2) Second screening
  Through screen examination, about 30 works will be selected from among those that passed the first selection process.
Works that have passed the second screening will be displayed during the exhibition period.
Results: Applicants who have passed the first screening will be notified of the results on the website using the receipt number.
Announcement period: Scheduled for around March 2022
Shipping: Applicants who have passed the second screening will be instructed on the method of shipping when they are notified of the results. At that time, please note that applicants must acknowledge and sign a consent form stating that no claim for damages will be made if the work cannot be returned due to their countries' national import/export laws, or if the work is damaged. Applicants must bear the cost of shipping (including packaging.) If necessary the applicant, of their own volition may insure their work when shipping. The organizer will insure all works from the time they arrive to when they are returned to the applicants, the maximum insured value shall be 100,000 yen.
  (3) Final screening
  Seven works will be chosen as winners (grand prize and the award of excellence) from those that have passed the second round of screening.
Judging committee SUMIKAWA Kiichi (Member of Japan Art Academy, Sculptor)
SAKAI Tadayasu (Director of the Setagaya Art Museum, Art Critic)
YASUNAGA Koichi (Former Director of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
GODA Shuichi (Former Chairman of the Oita Prefecture Fine Art Association)
FUKAI Takashi (Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University of the Arts)
KIM Sun-Hee (Former Director of the Busan Museum of Art)
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Awards and Prize Money

Awards and Prize money
  • Grand Prize (one) JPY ¥2,000,000
  • Award for Excellence (six) JPY ¥500,000
  • Bungo-Ono Award (one) JPY ¥50,000(will be selected by votes made by visitors to the exhibition)
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(1) Submitted works will be carefully looked after from the time they arrive till the time that they leave; however, the organizer shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the material or structure of the work or any unavoidable circumstances, including natural disasters.

(2) Works that cannot withstand travel or those that may damage or soil other works may not be submitted.

(3) Applicants that pass the first screening process shall consent to have images of their works published in exhibition catalogs, publications for public relations/promotions, homepages, etc.

(4) Ownership of award-winning works belongs to the organizer. Ownership of the Bungo-Ono award-winning work may also belong to the organizer if consent is obtained from the applicant.

(5) Applicants shall be solely responsible for any copyright issues that arise concerning the works they submit.

(6) Plagiarisms, reproductions, non-self-made works, or any pieces that have already been presented in public shall be withdrawn even after the winners are announced.

(7)If a submitted sculpture cannot be returned due to problems with the import system, then the artist agrees to forgo all rights to that sculpture.

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