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17th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition Work application form

If a submitted sculpture cannot be returned due to problems with the import system, then the artist agrees to forgo all rights to that sculpture.

Sculpture Information

Title of Sculpture*

Sculpture Concept*

Detailed information

Sculpture Dimensions Height*


*Including Base.(Unit:cm)

Sculpture Dimensions Length*


*Including Base.(Unit:cm)

Sculpture Dimensions Width*


*Including Base.(Unit:cm)

Sculpture Weight*



Sculpture Materials*

*Including base, explain in as much detail as possible.

Sculpture Photograph

Front direction*

Not selected

Arbitrary direction (the 1st)*

Not selected

Arbitrary direction (the 2nd)*

Not selected

*It is assumed the JPEG data form of 640 pixels ×480 pixels or less.

*It is three directions as for the exhibition work (one one with the front and the whole and one piece for each and two three arbitrary directions of the direction in total).

* Do not produce with the special illumination, the lens, and the filter, etc. , and take a picture by what looked at by the performance status.

*The work of which it takes a picture is assumed to be only a finished work, and the photograph data such as the model works is not submitted.

Artist Information



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Current Address*

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*The cell phone e-mail address is not accepted.


Artist's Background *



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